Have a Large Group?


The Advantages of Charter Buses DC

If you’re planning a trip with a group of friends around DC, one of the best options is to rent the best charter bus DC has to offer. Whether you’re a large family, a business group or a group of friends on a night out who want to avoid a DUI, a charter bus offers many advantages as a mode of transport.

1. No need for car caravan chaos
Have you ever tried organizing a car caravan with 2 or 3 cars? It can be a logistical nightmare. Things like keeping the group together can be almost impossible. But charter buses DC eliminate such issues and do all the organizing for you.

2. Cheaper than planes and cars
If you’re travelling in a large group, chartering a bus is considerably more cost effective that plane tickets of car hire. This is especially true with the price of gas these days that have led to airline price increases too.

3. A lot comfier for any outing
Charter buses DC offer plenty of leg room, comfortable seats and even recliners for a nap. It’s easy to get up and move about on a bus and there is a restroom too. Buses can be chartered for nearly any kind of trip, including:

• Bus tours around DC
• Rides to DCA
• Museum tours in DC
• Rids to Dulles
• Rides to Washington Wizards games
• Rides to concerts
• Rides to Verizon center
• Rides to Washington Capitals games
• Rides to Nissan Pavillion in Bristow VA
• Rides to Redskins Games
• Airport transportation

4. Put your time on the road to better use
With charter buses DC it’s a lot easier to move around and visit everyone on the bus, spending time with each member of your group. If you are a group of business colleagues, you can use the time to break into subgroups and have meetings right there on the bus. You could even put together entire seminars and really utilize your travel time.

5. Easier to deal with the requirements of the handicapped and seniors
Cars are low to the ground and can be extremely cramped, making it difficult for seniors to get in and out of the vehicle with ease. This can really be a problem on longer trips when the joints tend to get stiff. Charter buses DC have been designed to be easy to board and disembark and there are built-in ramps for wheelchairs. There are also wheelchair safety locks inside the buses so if you are in a wheelchair, you don’t have to transfer to a seat if you don’t want to.

6. A little friendlier on the environment
Buses have been reported to be more eco-friendly than other forms of motorized transportation. In fact, the US Department of Transportation has previously published data which depicts that buses use a lot less energy per passenger than planes, trains or cars. Trains actually tend to use as much as 3 times more energy than buses as cars about 4.5 times more energy. Planes use a whopping 6 times more energy than charter buses DC.

Chartering a bus simply makes sense – whether you are off on a big night out or wanting to tour around DC with a group.